wife who denied her husband sex divorced

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A 29–YEAR OLD woman of Lusaka

has narrated in the Chawama

Local Court how she fought her

husband after he came home with

shaved pubic hair.

This is in a case which Joseph

Mwansa, 38, of Chawama

Township sued his wife Rosemary

Nyirongo, 29, of the same

Township for divorce. The couple

got married in 2007 and together

they have one child. Bride price

was paid.

Mwansa told the court that

problems in their marriage started

in January 2015 when his wife

started working as a sales

assistant in ‘SPAR’ and that it was

during this time when Rosemary

started depriving him conjugal


He alleged that in August 2015

last year, Rosemary out of the

blues presented him with a divorce

summon, a matter that was

resolved by elders. “I became

curious over her weird behaviour,

and after doing my investigations;

I discovered that she had a

boyfriend at her work place who is

a Store manager.

“My wife your honour has troubled

me for a long time and this is

getting out of hands. I even

complained to our church pastor

concerning our marriage. And

when asked by the Court the last

time they made love, Mwansa said

he could not remember because

his wife develops moods every time

he starts making advancements.

“Sometimes she would get a bible

and start praying and only to

return to bed after midnight,” he


Rosemary however, told the court

that her husband was telling lies

adding that she was a faithful

woman. “Last time, he came home

with his pubic hair shaved. I tell

you we fought and since then I

stopped trusting him. That is the

more reason why I started starving

him sex

“Our hearts seem to be living in

separate worlds, so no matter how

much the court can insist to unity

us, nothing will work out or else

we will end up killing each other,”

she said.

Passing judgment, Magistrate

Ganston Kalala sitting with

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala

upheld claim for divorce. “Marriage

is a voluntary union and the court

can’t force people to leave

together if they had decided not

to,” Said Kalala.

He granted the couple divorce

ordering Mulonga to compensate

Chama K5000 by monthly

installments of K250 and K350 per

month for child maintenance.

Property acquired together to be

shared equally.

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