Who Will Rescue The Former Flames Player “Noel Mkandawire” From His Sickness..?

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During the previous weeks, online networking has been sharing news about former Malawian national team players who were once the back bone in the nation however have ended up being in a hopelessness state.

The news surfaced after some of the players who contributed much to Malawian football have either ended up as being street beggers or broke.

But the present news which has attracted alot of people is about Noel Mkandawire who has been confined to bed for some time now and he needs a hand which would be able to pull him out of the situation he is currently facing.

Noel is currently addmitted at Mzimba hospital battling for his life and reports reaching News Watch Reviews have established that he has a liver problem which is causing his stomach to swell and his left leg is swollen with a possible cancerous diagnosis.

Some well wishers have begun extending their hands to help the forgotten and abandoned Flames player. One of the person who paid a courtesy visit to the player is the former Flames legend and Mbeya City mentor Kinnah Phiri who gave him a few things and money to the player.

Right now Noel Mkandawire is looking for an assistance as he can’t walk or do anything which can help him get out of the bed. Noel is dying physically, emotionally and financially in hospital.

As we are on the same issue about players in Malawi who are living in a hopeless circumstance after their carreers, a few commentators have faulted the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) for neglecting to help the players who are in need after their carreers.

These analysts says that its the obligation of FAM to take care of the players amid their football carreers by helping them in giving reasonable necessities like insuring them or encouraging clubs to pay them better salaries so that by the end of the day they ought to have a source of income to live on.

Some of the people have thrown their blame on player’s agents for utilizing players to get what they want and later on dump them without helping them in their everyday life by encouraging them how to serve something for their future.

After doing some research on a similar issue, this publication found some remarks from two former football legends in Malawi, Lawrence Waya and Acton Munthali who have asked players to play soccer and at the same time go to class.

These two said after football they will be able to do something if they are educated. They further said when someone has gone to school, they will understand the clauses in their contracts and they can inquire about the things which have been written in their contracts before signing them

It is on record that most of the players in Malawi just concentrate on football as their life carreer and they don’t considerably try to include another carreer apart from being footballers.


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