Willian’s Mother Dies At 57 After A Long Battle With Cancer.

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A dark cloud has fallen on Chelsea midfielder Willian who lost his mother on Wednesday.

Maria Jose Borges died on Wednesday afternoon after a long battle with the illness in a hospital in the midfielder’s home state of Sao Paulo.

The 57 year old had been battling cancer for about two years now and it’s sad that she has given up and breathed her last soul.

Despite being featured in a game between Brazil and Venezuela on Tuesday night and a goal, the player had a silent sad moment in his heart.

The 28-year-old Chelsea midfielder, Willian returned home to Brazil to be with his family after his mother passed away on Wednesday.

The player wrote an emotional poem for the late mother on his Facebook page and Instagram which read;

“Mother In the sky is your place, where will you be now. Where do you live, Left you so much After you left here. Just asking Because I’m so sure It is in heaven that you are, Yeah near Jesus Christ, I’m sure it’s your place. Because for you to be holy You don’t need canonize Just be the mother that was To Sanctify”, read part of the poem.



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