Woman Arrested For Being Found In Possession Of Three Bags Of Indian Hemp

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Cannabis sativa

Agness Chisale, 26, of Kantchere village under Traditional Authority Kayembe in Dowa district is in Kasungu Police custody for being found in possession of 3 bags of Cannabis Sativa popularly known as Indian Hemp.

Harry Namwaza, the district deputy public relations officer for Kasungu Police Station confirmed the ordeal to News Watch Reviews that the woman in question was arrested on 19 August, 2016 at Chisazima Road Block by police officers who were conducting search duties.

“We can confirm with you that we have arrested the woman in question and seized three bags of cannabis sativa. As of now we are not sure where she was conveying those bags filled with the dangerous drug and investigations are underway”, said Harry.

Meanwhile, the seized bags of Indian Hemp will be taken to Chitedze Research for analysis. Agness Chisale has been charged with Found in Possession of Indian Hemp without a licence.

She will appear before court soon when enquiries have been completed to answer a charge of being found in possession of Indian Hemp without licence contrary to Section 4A as read with section 19 sub-section 1 of the Dangerous Drug Act.



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