Woman Drags Husband To Court For Watching Pornography And Walking Naked In Front Of Children

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In a bizarre incident, a city woman has accused her husband of watching pornographic movies in the presence of their minor children and walking naked in their house.

Magdalene Mutizwa alleged that her husband Andrew Mashezha abuses their children and herself in countless ways.

She approached the Harare Civil court for a protection order.

“My husband is very abusive. He insults me using vulgar words in the presence of our children. Whenever we have a disagreement he does not wait to talk the issue out but he resorts to violence.

“The most painful part is that he exposes our minor children to pornography by making them watch porn films with him. Apart from that he walks around the house naked.

“I do not understand why he does this. His behaviour is so disturbing. He assaults me too. At one point he spat on me.

“I reported all these incidents to the police and he once paid a fine and the other times I would withdraw the matters to avoid his prosecution but it seems like he is not going to stop his horrendous acts soon.

“I have decided to proceed with the protection order because I am not the only one who needs it but my children also need to be protected from him,” she said.

Andrew defaulted court despite being served with the summons.

Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi proceeded to grant Magdalene the protection order she sought.

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