Woman Kills Own Baby And Runs Away

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“Patience Matewere 19, from Chata village is wanted for allegedly stabbing own baby to death,” Stewart Chirwa the chilobwe police officer said on Tuesday.

The 1-year old baby boy was found dead in a plastic bag at a nearby bushy area by a passing resident, Magret, she saw the baby’s hand first and then opened the plastic bag and found out it was a baby she knew belonged to Patience. She reported to Patience’s parents who had been searching for their daughter for the whole week.

“When we went to the crime scene, a lot of people had already gathered there. The baby boy identified as Chikumbutso was in a bloody plastic bag.” Mr Chirwa reported to News Watch Reviews.

The grandparents to the deceased believe its their daughter who committed the crime as they claim she never wanted the child in the first place.

“This is so painful, I knew very well that my Daughter was capable of this I just never thought she would finally have the guts to do it. She never wanted this child in the first place. She wanted to get rid of her pregnancy at 5-months. We have been searching for her for the past 7days and no one knows where she is.” The mother said.

“I don’t believe my sister is capable of doing this, yes she never wanted this child but I don’t think she did this. I believe someone is behind this, and maybe the same person who did this is also responsible for my sister’s disappearance.” Said the younger sister.

Two contradicting statements were said by the family, so the truth behind the murder is still unknown. The police are investigating the case and will do their best to bring the person behind the gruesome murder of the infant to justice!

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