Xenophobia:blame it on corruption

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By Malchus Nzima

Xenophobia is now a word next to words like politics and money in the minds of most southern African countries,especially South Africa,Mozambique,zimbabwe and Malawi.

That premise has been justified as proper logic by a well known African investigative journalist as he embarked on firming the evils of illegal migration by Malawians from a district known for exporting people to South Africa:Mzimba.

Johannes Bothar was touched by on over partriotic Malawians who perservered pushing officials at the South African embassy to do something on bodies laying in the streets of johannesburg,dead naked,nevertheless horror videos flooding social media.

Botha explained that it was time the governments concerned should coorperate to end illegal migaration that has catastrophic results.

“hearing first hand stories from why people travel to the rainbow nation..I was really touched as why don’t these people have access to free flow in the borders,after all these countries are part of the SADC trade agreement,so why should people die along the way to South Africa?”

“its clear that those same people employed by the three nations are the same indulging in corruption letting them cross rhw boarders,and as a result women end up exploited,and men learn how to survive like a ‘tsotsi'”

“I personally will not tire until my government take action on how people living illegally in S.A. should also have the freedom of doing anything,after all we all believe In the song “one love.”

This development follows an official agreement between Malawi and the South African government on how people migrating to S.A. should be helped.

The plight of the Mzimba people documentary is part of an investigative programme called carted blanche on DSTV m-net channel every sunday.

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