ZAMBIA: A hero teacher

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This is Lewis Ng’andwe, a teacher

at a community School in Luapula

province. According to Pamela

Chisanga, Lewis is the only teacher

at Chiiba community school in


Lewis teaches all grades (at the

same time!). Grade 1 to 4 in one

class and 5-6 in another. He has

been the only teacher since 2003.

He says kids in this area only aim

to go up to grade 7 and so there is

no one in the community to assist


The Government has been

promising to bring teachers but no

one is willing to go there.

However, Government has put

solar power at the school and the

house Lewis lives in, but he

doesn’t get a salary. He is paid in

kind by the parents who give

anything from caterpillars to


Ms Chisanga has bemoaned this

situation and described Lewis as

her hero.

“50 years after independence we

have managed to put up beautiful

roads in our cities but have entire

villages that are illiterate and will

remain so for generations to

come!” Ms Chisanga notes.13407053_1205139286185511_5760490463007655727_n

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