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FOLLOWING the success of her Cactus Agony assisted song Iron Man and her recent TV appearance on Muvi TV’s ‘People’s Choice’, Zambian Afro-pop singer and performer Wacheda has released Swagger Lover, a dance infused single.

The song, produced by Nox and Djlo, is an up-tempo number that Wacheda says ‘is not your average love song. It is more up-tempo and has a dancehall feel to it. I want so show diversity and because of this I made sure it was different from Iron Man.

Iron man, her last single, was number one on Zambezi TV’s Zed Top Ten for 6 weeks straight and Wacheda says she is grateful for the support she got. “I am happy that the song is also gaining traction on radio as well. I thank everyone who voted and kept it at number one for 6 weeks straight.

Wacheda is one of the fast rising Zambian singers who are curving a niche for herself with her Afro-pop vibes and recently she featured on Muvi TV’s People’s Choice.

“I enjoyed my interview on People’s Choice.” She says. “Jekafela was so warm and friendly and I got so much love from the viewers. My Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages were flooded with compliments.”

Wacheda is currently promoting Swagger Lover with radio interviews. She recently featured on Top 10 Local Avenue with Goodface Mulala on Pan African Radio.

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