Zambia: Boxer Catherine Phiri awarded a scholarship to

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ZAMBIA’S female boxing icon

Catherine Phiri and 24 other

academically talented

underprivileged young Zambian

women and girls have been

awarded a scholarship to study

business and leadership courses in

different parts of the world.

According to a statement by

Zambia High Commission in the

United Kingdom first secretary for

press and public relations Abigail

Chaponda, upon completing her

secondary education in Zambia,

Catherine Phiri will study sports

management in Italy.

The Justina Mutale Foundation

has partnered with the European

School of Economics (ESE) to

award Business and Leadership

Scholarships while the Rai

University of India will teach

Science, Technology, Engineering

and Mathematics (STEM)

Scholarships to the women and


During the launch of the Justina

Mutale Foundation scholarship on

Thursday night at the Zambia

House in London, Zambia’s High

Commissioner to the United

Kingdom Mr. Muyeba Chikonde

said Zambia attaches great

importance to the empowerment of

women and girls and that the

country had practically

demonstrated this through various

ways and that is why

organisations such as the Justina

Mutale foundation which is

complimenting Government’s

efforts should be supported.

He said the choice of Catherine

was not an accident but designed

to inspire other women and girls to

excel irrespective of their


High Commissioner Chikonde said

the addition of sports management

will help Catherine further her

education and provide a future

beyond boxing.

And Justina Mutale said Catherine

Phiri and the other 24 scholarship

recipients will be the first to

benefit from the initiative and that

other scholarships will go to

vulnerable and under privileged

women and girls across Africa.

“We all need to acknowledge that

our governments do not have all

the answers, nor the requisite

resources to solve the problems

that our Continent faces regarding

educating our youth, especially our

young women and girls. Our

scholarship programmes aims to

give young women from Africa an

opportunity of a lifetime. Cross-

cultural learning and studying

abroad can be transformative to

one’s future and outlook on life”,

she said.

Ms. Mutale said recipients of the

ESE Scholarship would be able to

study International Business and

Leadership at any of the six ESE

campuses in different cities

including London, New York,

Madrid, Florence and Rome while

Rai University has several

campuses in India, including


Meanwhile, European School of

Economics founder and president

Elio D’anna said the ESE

scholarships will provide women

and girls an expressive outlet for

an array of the human needs,

satisfying the desire to be

challenged, succeed and to interact

in a group.

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