Zambia: Campaign thrown into chaos as Mulenga Sata goes missing in Kabwata, saysChilufya Tayali

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HH thought he had won a political

bonanza to have people like

Mulenga Sata, Guy Scott and his

wife, Miles Sampa, among others,

but little did he know that all of

them survived on PF’s political

fortune as created by late Micheal


Campaigns for the Opposition

United Party for National

Development (UPND) in Lusaka’s

sprawling Kabwata Constituency

have been thrown into chaos as

the party’s candidate Mulenga

Sata continues to be visibly absent

from the exercise hardly 15 days

to go before Zambia goes for its

watershed General elections.

Constituency officials in the area

have expressed dismay with Sata’s

persistent lack of organisation and

strategy as he battles it out in the

race to Manda Hill against veteran

parliamentarian Given Lubinda.

“Ba Mulenga bena na adoption

certificate twabasendelekofye, the

last time we saw him was on

nomination day, ever since, balinga

napa chani. Look at our campaign

here, Given Lubinda is no small

opponent. But with ba Mulenga,

kamofye ifipale ne chimeko chabo

chilya chine” one official who

elected to remain anonymous


Mulenga, a former Lusaka Mayor

and son to charismatic late

Zambian Head of State Micheal

Sata left his father’s political party

and jumped into the UPND amid

pomp and splendour but has failed

to impress since then, he almost

immediately crawled back into the

woodwork of political oblivion after

the event.

Most observers say his decision to

abandon the PF, founded by his

father over a decade ago marked

the catastrophic end of his

relatively budding political career.

Given the political circumstances

in Kabwata, it is highly likely that

Given Lubinda is going in for his

fourth term as an MP.

Clement Tembo an independent

has made enrolls in Kabwata but I

think he will not much Given who

has all the PF support.

Unfortunately for HH, he stands to

lose a lot in Kabwata because no

one is campaigning for him while

President Lungu has recorded

some serious success, especially

the roads and lightings, which the

PF embarked on when they came


President Lungu is expected to

scoop most of the votes in

Kabwata Constituency.

Politics Teyabana iyoo.

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