Zambia: commercialization of kitchen parties worries Bishop Kabunda

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BISHOP Christopher Kabunda of

Lusaka’s Family Fellowship Global

Ministries has opposed the

commercialization of Kitchen

parties saying people invited

should not be restricted on how

much they should pay for an

invitation card.

The clergyman believes no person

should be tied to how much they

should give because giving is a

spirit of love and mutual


Commenting on the rising cases of

people charging a lot of money for

their kitchen parties and

demanding specific gifts from the

people invited, Bishop Kabunda

said people should be allowed to

give what they have and what they

could afford.

His fear is that if this was allowed

to continue, it would become a

norm in society and dealing with it

later in the future would be


“We believe that (telling people

what to buy) is okay and yet it is

wrong because a gift ceases being

a gift if you choose it. And it

becomes a problem because

people begin to complain,” he said.

He went on to say that in the same

way God demonstrated his love for

humanity by giving them Jesus

without them actually choosing

him, a kitchen party present should

also be a surprise gift.

“We didn’t choose Jesus as a gift

to us from God. He was a surprise

gift to all of us on earth. He came

from the spirit of love. God

demonstrated to us what a gift

must be. A gift must come down

from the heart of the giver. It

should be a surprise,” he said.

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