Zambia: ECZ says that ballot papers are expected to arrive today

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The full complement of ballot

papers will arrive in the country

today in two batches marking a

significant step closer to elections.

Printing of the ballot papers was

done in Dubai by Al Ghurair whose

taking up the role was a subject of

heavy debate back home with the

opposition heavily protesting the


The first batch will arrive at 14:15

hours with representatives from

political parties and other

stakeholders expected to witness

the arrival while the second batch

will jet in at 18:00 hours.

Electoral Commission of Zambia

spokesperson Chris Akufuna said

the ballot papers will be stored at

the Silverest Warehouse in


Meanwhile the ECZ will hold a

stakeholders’ meeting on Friday

where political parties will once

again have an opportunity to raise

any pressing issues.

Here is a peek of how the voter roll

looks like for the August 11


The 2016 total registered voters is


1. Lusaka 1,121,846

2. Copperbelt 1,038,434

3. Southern 812,590

4. Eastern 777,379

5. Central 643,226

6. Northern 556, 855

7. Luapula 511, 057

8. Western 499, 873

9. North Western 399,784

10. Muchinga 349,411

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