Zambia Electoral Commission Attacked By FDD President Nawakwi.

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By: Bright Chikele…

EDITH Nawakwi has described as a blatant miscarriage of justice and an assault on democracy the failure by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to punish UPND Namwala parliamentary candidate Moono Lubezhi for brutally assaulting Charity Kabongomana, the FDD parliamentary candidate in the same constituency.

Ms Nawakwi has accused the ECZ of colluding with the UPND in perpetrating violence by failing to take decisive action against Ms Lubezhi for brutally attacking Ms Kabongomana.

Ms Nawakwi, who is FDD presidential candidate, said it was annoying that the ECZ had failed to take any action against Ms Lubezhi even after the opposition party had filed a complaint and provided graphic evidence of how Ms Kabongomana was brutally attacked and left for dead.

She said surprisingly, the ECZ had allowed Ms Lubezhi to continue with her campaigns in Namwala while Ms Kabongomana had been left bed ridden after suffering injuries at the hands of the UPND.


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