Zambia: Fats and oils discharged in the sewage system caused it to get blocked

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THE Lusaka Water and Sewerage

Company-LWSC has expressed

concern over the high levels of fat

and oils being discharged into the

sewerage system by restaurants

and food outlets.

Company Marketing and Public

Relations Manager Topsy Sikalinda

said a lot of oils and fats had

accumulated the sewer system

thereby blocking it.

He disclosed that the company

had received a report of a blocked

sewer in the central business

dustrict-CBD near Kulima Tower

bus station where fats and oils

from food outlets and restaurants

had accumulated and blocked the

sewer system.

Sikalinda has however advised

restaurant, food outlet opertors,

and other business entities to

ensure that fat traps are installed

at their business premises and

regularly cleaned to avoid

unnecessary blockages.

“According to the water and

sanitation Act No 28 OF 1997,

consumers are expected to only

discharge into the sewerage

system acceptable waste

substances which do not include

fats and solid waste,” Sikalinda


He added that the water and

sanitation Act was very clear on

the appropriate way to dispose off

waste and the responsibility which

was bestowed to end users of the

sewerage syste.

He has since assured intensified

inspections in all food outlets and

restaurants in Lusaka adding that

the company will not hesitate to

charge penalties on any company

that will not comply with the law.

And Sikalinda disclosed that over

two thirds of the sewer blockages

in the city were caused by

inappropriate items and

substancesvfinding third way down

the sink of toilet.

“The build up of these can cause

giant fatbergs and other blockages

which can have a devastating

impact on the sewer network and

the city especially the COD,” said


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