Zambia: fear of adulterous prophets forcing husbands to ban wives from going to church to

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THE rising number of fake prophets

in the country has led into some

husbands forcing their wives to

quit attending church services, it

has been learnt.

Information obtained indicates that

some husbands feel that their

wives may fall prey to fake

prophets who are engaging in

extra marital affairs with women in

their churches.

But Bishop Godwin Musonda who

is the leader of the Christian

Coalition noted that using fake

prophets as an excuse for stopping

your wife from attending churches

is unjustified.

“No one can protect his wife by

stopping them from attending

church fellowships. Psalms 127:1

says unless the Lord builds the

house, the builders’ labor in vain.

Unless the Lord watches over the

city, the guards stand in vain.

“It’s only God who can protect

your wife from having an affair or

finding themselves in evil acts. The

moment a person realizes that

they go to a wrong church then

definitely they will change,” Bishop

Musonda said.

“I want to encourage my fellow

men in Zambia that women are

intelligent and it is only through

them that we can be able to

expose false prophets,” he added

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