Zambia: Former vice president Dr.Guy Scott is sick

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Dr Guy Scott on Saturday failed to

address a UPND

rally in Livingstone amidst public

fears that his health is


Dr Scot who was the main speaker

struggled to talk as he tried to

address the crowd

that had waited for his arrival for

over three hours at Villa Grounds.

Dr Scott was in Livingstone

accompanied by former Mazabuka

Member of Parliament

Gary Nkombo,former Agriculture

and Livestock deputy minister

Lackson Kazabu and

other senior party officials to drum

up support for UPND President

Hakainde Hichilema

,parliamentary candidate Mathews

Jere and Mayoral candidate

Eugene Mapuwo ahead

of the 11 August General elections.

A minute into his speech, Dr Scott,

who looked very fragile and tired,

started coughing

uncontrollably until some party

officials gave him a bottle of water

and signaled that he

be made to sit down for fear that

he might collapse.

The former Vice President then

leaned on Gary Nkombo’s shoulder

and told him that he

could not continue and asked the

master of ceremony to play an

interlude of music

because he needed to rest a bit.

The Former Mazabuka lawmaker

then grabbed the microphone from

Dr Scot and told

the crowd that the main speaker

could not continue with the main

address because he

was diagnosed with malaria.

“Sorry the guest of honour cannot

continue addressing you because

he has malaria. We

literally dragged him the comfort

of his house and wife even when

we knew he had

malaria because we wanted him to

meet you people of Livingstone

because his heart is

here in this town,” Mr Nkombo


After regaining some strength Dr

Scot stood up, thanked the people

for coming and

promised to come back to

Livingstone later this month.

A senior UPND provincial official

disclosed that Dr Scot’s condition

had worsened a few

minutes after his arrival at Harry

Mwaanga Nkumbula International

Airport and some

officials had recommended that he

seeks medical attention instead of

addressing the


Speaking earlier at the same rally,

UPND parliamentary candidate

Mathews Jere

promised to complete all projects

initiated by the Patriotic Front in

Livingstone once

elected into office.

Mayoral candidate Eugene

Mapuwo promised to revive the

Textile, Timber and Tourism

industries if given the mandate to

run the affairs of the Livingstone

City Council as


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