Zambia: GBM goes tribal in Mpika as Mulenga Sata fail to speak his father’s language

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Thanks to one of my followers who prompted me about the live broadcast of a rally on Muvi TV from Mpika, I wish PF would also do that. It seems monies are a problem in PF though you accuse me of being paid by PF.

I found my brother GBM speaking after Mulenga Sata had spoken already.

I was told that Mulenga Sata failed to express himself comfortably in his father’s language. Anyway, I don’t blame him for not having grown up in Mpika or learning Bemba/Bisa as a toddler. Surely it is not his fault, just like my daughters Mubanga and Mutale can hardly speak bemba in spite of me being a Bemba from Chinsali.

However, I was very disappointed with GBM in the manner that he praised HH for appointing him, a bemba, as a running mate. GBM spoke as if he was chosen on tribal lines, because he is Bemba.

GBM accused President Edgar Lungu of not loving Bembas and that is why he chose Inonge Wina as running mate. Surely my brother was off political balance and he deserves to be canned for political misbehavior.

GBM need to know that, as a running mate, he is going to be a Vice President of the whole Country, if UPND wins. Apparently it seems HH and GBM wants to create an impression that HH will be the President of the South while GBM will be in the Northern part.

I know HH could have considered that aspect when choosing GBM, but they have to know how to play politics otherwise the tribal tag of UPND will still stick even though it will be split in two, Southern on one side and Northerners on the other.

If they (HH and GBM) are not careful they will have a bigger problem than the problems they are promising to get ride of out of the so called poor leadership of Edgar Lungu.

I am almost getting irritated with Guy Scott and his poor monotonous bemba songs of Musungu wamusonko, when we used to sing “Chilufya leta ubwembya tumeshilu”.

I doubt Guy Scott understands the background of that song, otherwise he would be refraining. Guy Scott is the descendant of the Mwansa Kabingas who the blacks were complaining about back then, so he should be careful.

I don’t know what HH has to do to lock the people to his speeches. He has a very good audible voice (not like Guy Scott) but something does not seem right, he does not appeal to me when he is talking. He sounds petty, repetitive and all over the place. He needs to organise his mind and speech to flow logically and precise.

I don’t know, maybe I just have a bad experience with HH through my encounters with him, but certainly it is not tribal, I have a lot of Tonga friends. Nonetheless, I just have one vote.

I was told there was a big rally in Ndola central and I have seen some pictures. I think it was a successful rally though I don’t know who spoke and what was said so I will not comment further than this.12079952_993205360731865_4120642570469079517_o

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