Zambia: Given Lubinda cautions Nevers Mumba

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Pastor Nevers Mumba’s recent

attacks on President Edgar

Lungu’s call to faith and

Christianity is not only

unbecoming of a man of the cloth

but regrettable and hypocritical.

His attacks show nothing but

desperation on the part of the

former fire and brimstone preacher

as he tries to salvage the little

reputation he once held as a

‘Fisher of men’ to practically a

disgraced politician.

To allege that President Lungu is

mocking God when he stands on

the national forum to call on

Zambians to unite in love and fight

violence does not make any logical

sense at all. It is mere grand


The people that are mocking God

right now are Mr Mumba and his

cohorts in RED because President

Lungu has demonstrated more

than once that he will relentlessly

reach out to God almighty on

matters of running the nation

whenever the spirit moves him.

President Lungu called for a

National Day of Prayer on 18th

October last year which Mr

Mumba’s newly found best friend,

the red clad UPND leader Hakainde

Hichilema did not.

President Lungu signed the Peace

Accord at the behest of the

Electoral Commission of Zambia

(ECZ), Mr Mumba’s friend

Hichilema refused to sign the

Peace Accord to this day.

President Lungu attended the

prayers for a peaceful process to

the elections (during and after the

polls) called by the church, Mr

Mumba’s newest best friend Mr

Hichilema stayed away from God


President Lungu is in the fore front

of building a National Prayer

House, an inter denominational

premises that should be able to

house all Christian religions in

Zambia at any time of need given

the small size of existing ones, Mr

Mumba and his friends have

condemned the action.

President Lungu calls himself a

servant of the people who shall

listen to the voice of the people

while Mr Mumba’s new best friend

Mr Hichilema calls policemen on

record, MORONS and everyone else


President Lungu chose a motherly

figure to be his running mate while

the documented history of Mr

Hichilema’s running mate raises

numerous red flags locally and

abroad due to his violent and foul

mouthed nature.

If a leader is to be judged by his

associates, Mr Mumba and Mr

Hichilema’s colourful list of

associates would never gain them

respect as national leaders.

Mr. Mumba says he doesn’t know

which church President Lungu and

the First Lady Esther Lungu

attends and yet everyone knows

that Pastor Honto Jere has been

counselling and steering the Lungu

family for decades now.

Presently there is a Christian

church at State House and every

Sunday prayers do take place and

Intercessors are praying at the

national altar every morning.

Never has a leader been so devout

in Zambia’s history.

While President Lungu is strongly

bringing back the Christian

discourse onto the Zambian

platform with renewed vigour, Mr

Mumba traded off his bible for


Mr Mumba should never forget the

coup de grace and spectacular fall

from grace he suffered when he

turned his back against God. He

has a heavy task ahead of him to

seek favour with God before he can

judge President Lungu and redeem

himself in our view.

President Lungu has thus far

walked the walk and marched his

words with action regarding where

he stands with God. It is Mr

Mumba who is on trial here.

Could Mr Mumba have fallen on

hard financial times as he

experiments with politics?

Right thinking Zambians must give

President Lungu, the First Lady

Esther Lungu and the nation

support for turning to God while

others preach Armageddon and

Black Sundays and Black Fridays.

We have said before and reiterate,

the August election will be about




President Lungu has shown that

he stands for light of God. Others

have not.

They dress in a bloody colour and

call for Armageddon. Leave the

First Family alone Mr Mumba.

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