Zambia: Green Party To Honour Overlooked Heroes.

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By: Bright Chikele…


THE Green Party is saddened that Zambia’s pre-independence heroes have not all been honoured by successive governments since 1964.

Green Party president Peter Sinkamba said in 1991, a law was passed by the MMD government to deny UNIP leaders their pensions as a result, most of them died miserable deaths.

Mr Sinkamba said it was unfortunate that most surviving heroes to date live in destitution.

He said the cost of providing decent pensions and compensation to these gallant men and women, both living and the dead, was approximately K20 billion. “Our policy as the Green Party is that if we form Government after the August 11 general elections, we will prioritise compensating all the heroes, including the UNIP leaders denied pensions by MMD and the current Government,” Mr Sinkamba said.

He said instead of prioritizing medal decorations, the Green Party Government will establish a 5.0 percent Veterans and Heroes Levy to be levied from salaries and allowances of all elected leaders (President, Vice President, Ministers, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, MPs, Mayors and Councillors) to assist with covering the cost of paying compensations and pensions to heroes.

Mr Sinkamba said the Green Party strongly believed that the heroes needed financial support not medals and flowery speeches.

He said it was sad that the heroes and unity holidays were not celebrated accordingly because the young generation does not know much information about the countries heroes.


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