Zambia: HH dribbles royal Livingstone staff as he sells out sun shares 100%

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Sun international has been fully

aquired by another foreign hotel,

minor, proving HH has not

changed his trade tricks.

HH is still doing what he does

best, sell out companies leaving

workers in the cold…and owed

millions, as he did with BP, which

is now PUMA, an oil marketing

company OMC in which HH and

maureen mwanawasa are


The sun workers union has been

stun, and are in a desperate race

to recover whatever sun intl may

owe them before they runaway

with workers money like zain or

celtel and BP.

the union has also decided to

move workers off the AON

Insurance scheme, but sum mgt is

resisting likely because HH also

has ties with AON whose zambia

head office also caters for blue

chip companies like standard

chartered bank, stanbic, barclays,

Copperbelt energy and others.


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