Zambia: HH lies to the Zambian people again

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For more than 10 years now,

Hakainde Hichilema has been lying

about his family. He has lied in his

public statements, committed

forgery in his legal declarations

and deceived his followers. He has

been dishonest about his own

children. HH has a secret

daughter, Chi Chi Hichilema, whom

he has kept hidden since her birth.

Hichilema entered politics in 2006

when he became the president of

the UPND. He has been repeating

one thing about his family ever

since: that he has three children, a

daughter and two sons.

“My wife and I have three children

– said Hichilema, in an interview

for The Post in 2006 – a daughter

called Miyanda who is twelve years

old, we have a son Habwela who is

nine years old and we have

another son Chikonka who is six

years old.” HH reiterated this

information for dozens of times, in

interviews, official documents and

public speeches. According to the

official campaign site of the UPND

candidate in 2016 for Zambia

President, “Hakainde Hichilema is

married to Mutinta and together

they have three children—a girl

and two boys”.

Hichilema has not three children,

but four. He has a hidden child, a

daughter whom he has kept away

from the Zambian public. His

daughter’s name is Chi Chi and

she’s in her young twenties.

Miyanda, the eldest child and, so

far, HH’s only recognized daughter,

was born in 1995. Chi Chi was

born soon after that. Hakainde

Hichilema is her natural father, but

she is not the daughter of Mutinta,

HH’s wife. Chi Chi bears her

father’s family name, Hichilema.

Chi Chi grew up hidden on

Hichilema family farm. In 2013,

with the support of one of HH’s

friends, Gerry Muuka, she was sent

to study in the United States at the

Murray State University. She was

following her sister, Miyanda, who

was already studying at Murray.

Yet, despite Miyanda, Chi Chi is

considered a burden for his

father’s political ambition. So she

is not allowed to come to Zambia,

not even in her holidays. She’s

been permitted to come home only

once in the last 4 years.

Chi Chi’s existence would have

remained a secret if a reporter

from a small student radio station

in Murray had not took an

interview to the “Hichilema sisters,

Chi Chi and Miyanda from Lusaka,

Zambia”. In March 2015, WKMS

Radio broadcasted the reporter’s

dialogue with the only two

Zambian students at Murray State

University. Chi Chi and Miyanda

spoke about how they came to

University, what they think of

Murray and how to greet someone

in their native language, Tonga.

They also spoke about their life as

a family in Zambia and their

common father, Hakainde

Hichilema. “Our dad always tells

us that education is the best

equalizer”, said Miyanda, adding

that “he is a businessman, a

farmer and he is an economist. He

has a little bit of everything”.Hak

ainde Hichilema has never even

suggested that he has a secret

daughter. He bragged about

paying school fees for “20

children”, but stressed every time:

“children who are not mine”.Chi

Chi is a beautiful and intelligent

child. But she was forced to

seclude herself from her family and

her country. “Nobody but me” is

the quote posted on her Instagram


While claiming to be a champion

of monogamy, Hakainde Hichilema

has been living a polygamous life.

Far from being a model of loyalty

and virtue, as he pretends he is, he

has been cheating and humiliating

his legal wife.

HH has at least one more child

with a woman other than Mutinta.

As revealed (link) Chi Chi

Hichilema, HH’s natural daughter,

was forced by her own father to

seclude herself from her family and


Polygamy is a bad think, said

Hichilema, arguing that the

practice of having more than one

wife at one time is a major cause

of the high rate of HIV in Southern

Province. Moreover, Hichilema

hypocritically stressed, the

polygamous union is “where

inequities start in society”.

The truth is that it is HH himself

who has been living a polygamous

life. HH chose to lie about it as he

chose to lie about all the things

concerning his family, including

his own children. He did it for

cynical political motives. HH

wanted to be the president of

Zambia at any cost. He figured

that he will win votes by

pretending to be something he is

not. His political strategy was to

mislead Zambians.

HH has told Zambians: “I am a

family man”. In fact, he has built

his entire political career on a

false biography.

HH has told Zambians: “I have

three children”. In fact he has at

least four children. He has kept his

daughter Chi Chi hidden from the

Zambian public.

HH has told Zambians: “Mutinta is

sufficient for me and I don’t have

to have another”. In fact he is a

cheater and a fraud.HH has told

Zambians: “I would like to take a

leadership in monogamy”. In fact

he has at least one child with

another woman.

HH married Mutinta in 1988. “It

was the happiest day of my life”,

claims HH trying to deceive

Zambians with a “family man”

image. Miyanda, Hakainde and

Mutinta’s eldest, was born in

1994, but soon after that, HH

already had a child born of an

adulterous relationship, his

daughter Chi Chi.Hakainde

Hichilema could have had many

official wives. After all, polygamy

is a Tonga tradition and the

polygamous union is legal in

Zambia. Besides, HH has many

cattle which he could use as bride

prices, as some of the members of

his tribe still do. Instead, HH

chose to pose as a champion of

monogamy and fidelity.

He did it not because he is a

devoted husband and father. He

did it because he is a hypocrite


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