Zambia: HH should take responsibility for the death of Mapenzi, says Tayali

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If only HH had shown leadership to

stop cadres from protesting

against the cancellation of their

rally, Mapenzi would have not


I almost put the pictures taken in

the mortuary of Mapenzi Chibulo

here but I will not do that,

however, I want to put it

categorically that HH should bear

responsibility of the death of this

young lady.

I hope next time HH will use his

children to protest.

Here is what we got out of our

inquiries relating to the death of


Last week the police were under

pressure to curb spate of political

violence that had been occurring in

various compounds of Lusaka.

On Wednesday 6th July 2016, the

police were confronted with a

violent attack of people coming

from a wedding in Lusaka West.

The innocent citizens were

attacked by suspected PF cadres

who thought, the people in a

convoy, were coming from a UPND

meeting. The suspected PF cadres

involved were arrested and are still

in custody.

On Thursday 7th July 2016, there

was another battle where the PF

vehicle was attacked by suspected

UPND cadres. The vehicle was

seriously damaged and it is still in

police custody. Apparently no

arrests were made relating to this

incidence because the suspected

UPND cadres are on the run.

On the same Thursday night, some

suspected PF cadres were cornered

in a vehicle with violent material

and they were arrested. It is

believed that, the PF cadres have

been desiring to revenge on the

UPND for the attacks they faced in


There was another political

violence in Chawama on the same

Thursday when suspected PF

cadres wanted to beat up UPND

Chawama Parliamentary candidate

in a suspected retaliation of the PF

cadres who were beaten in Mongu

when the President was there.

According to our sources, the

Police are able to curtail the

political violence planned by the

PF because there seem to be

cadres who are more reasonable to

tip the police before the violent

schemes are hatched.

It is believed that, this is due to

the resolution and command

issued by President Lungu which

has made some cadres to know

that, their President will not side

with them.

The Police received information of

the desire by some PF cadres to

ambush the UPND at the rally on

Friday to avenge for the violent

attack on their colleagues in

Kanyama and Mongu.

This intelligence information

supported by the previous violent

acts in Lusaka made the police

cancel the permit that was earlier

given to the UPND to hold a rally

on Friday 8th July 2016.

The UPND were informed of the

cancelation of their rally citing

security concerns on same Friday.

Unfortunately, the UPND refused to

obey the order to cancel the rally

accusing the Police of intimidation

and frustrating their campaigns in

favor of the ruling PF.

The UPND mobilized themselves at

their secretariat and bundled

themselves in minibuses and

trucks and headed to Chawama

taking over all the roads as they

passed enroute to the venue of

their rally.

The UPND were intercepted and

urged to disperse by the police but

they insisted to go to their

destination and hold a rally as

earlier planned. A confrontation

ensued, teargases were spread and

rubber bullets were fired.

Unfortunately, a female cadre was

shot with a live bullet which the

Police have denied to have fired.

The police command insists that,

they did not authorize any of the

officers to use live bullets though

some officers had live bullets.

The Police also revealed to us that,

some cadres had ammunitions

which were recovered from them as

they arrested them.

Late MapenziThe death of this lady

has thus become a subject of

investigation to establish who

could have shot her. To this effect,

we demand that, a full

investigation, including ballistic

analysis, be carried out and the

report must be made public. At the

moment it is difficult to tell for

sure that the lady was shot by the


After the incidence, a number of

people sustained injuries and

wounds, especially by the rubber

bullets which were shot at close

range. Some of the injured were

taken to the hospital by either the

police or their fellow cadres.

President Hikainde Hichilema,

visited some of the patients at

University Teaching Hospital (UTH)

were he encountered some police

officers who had taken the

suspects for treatment. Mr.

Hichilema verbally abused a police

senior police officer at UTH.

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