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When the American Govt, through their representatives, likes you then you can get away with anything. Even when you commit a crime, the Americans may give you protection in their embassy and fly you out of your Country in the guise of human rights protection.

Paul Kagame won a third term bid and the Americans paid lip-service to the move for Kagame to stay in power because he is there darling but they incited the Libyans to kill Muammar Gaddafi because he refused to be their puppet.

Today, in Zambia they have thrown their weight behind Hakainde Hichilema(HH) because he has shown signs of protecting their interests.

They are busying criticizing the PF govt on fiscal policy and the budget deficit but here they are supporting illegality in non payment of Taxes by The Post Newspaper in the guise of media freedom and independent voice.

Paying of Taxes in America is a serious issue and no company would accumulate so much debt. Even Eric Schultz pays Tax albeit being far away from America.

Ambassador Schultz knows better about Taxes but just because The Post protects their interests somehow and they are campaigning for their favorite candidate HH who is a friend with the Agro-Americans, they (Americans through its Embassy) are talking of media freedoms.

Well, I am a Zambian who pays Tax through many things I consume, therefore, I am a serious stakeholder in ZRA and I am here to tell the American Embassy in Zambia, that if they care so much about that independent voice – The Post, let them help them to pay their debt to ZRA.

I certainly need The Post for news, I like those editorials, that is why I buy it daily and I will always buy it regardless of whether I agree with them or not, because that is their freedom, but not paying Tax is not a freedom, it is an offense.

Mr. M’membe must succumb to the fact that the Tax holidays he enjoyed during Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata are gone, time to do what he should have been doing way before, has come. Everything has it’s consequences, even these articles I am writing we have consequences one day.

People are asking why is The Post being followed now during the election campaigns, well be aware that, The Post relaxed paying Taxes during late Mwanawasa and President Sata’s rule because they were friends.

This is why we need to reduce the powers of the President and strengthen institutions like ZRA, ACC, ECZ and have systems that protect the interests of the Zambians.

Today if you are connected to State House, you are untouchable, you can even sue Chilufya Tayali when you know to caused stress to Zambians through shortages and mealie meal prices.

I support President Edgar Lungu but not for protection and I won’t accept corruption. President Lungu stands out better than HH that is why I support him (ECL)

Zambians lost out through this friendship of Fred M’membe and the late two Presidents (Mwanawasa and Sata), however, the sour relationship with President Lungu is bearing fruits for Zambians because now we can get our Taxes. I don’t care whether President Lungu is doing it out of political strategies or not, because we (Zambians) will get the money.

Similarly, I look forward to the time when the corrupt people in PF and MMD will have their time to account for their wrongdoings if a a corruption crusader comes in power, not HH because he is mingling with the same corrupt guys from PF just for him to get to State House.

Ambassador Schultz, HH, MISA-Zambia and all those sympathizing with The Post, you are so many and financially comfortable so help The Post to settle this debt.

We need the independent voice during this electionbut not at the expense Tax abrogation.

I criticized Govt when they arrested Fred and Mukosha over Kaizer Zulu’s alleged corruption because that was an infringement on media freedom and an assault on corruption fights.

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