Zambia: “Iam in good health”, says President Lungu

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By Bright Chikele



President Edgar Lungu says he is very well and enjoying the very best of health.

The President says contrary to speculations in some media, he is in good health.

President Lungu who made an impromptu visit to ZNBC studios at Mass

Media Complex in Lusaka said he has access to

medical facilities in Zambia when need arise.

And the President said he will visit all the ten provinces on his

continued campaign trail.

President Lungu has since urged all party members to join into the

campaigns country-wide.

The President said Zambians should vote for the Patriotic Front

because the party has the best election package ranging from

candidates to the campaign message.

President Lungu said Zambians should not isolate Presidential

candidates from their running mates because they too are an integral

part of governance.

The President said the PF stands for prosperity of individual Zambians

and the country in general.

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