Zambia: JK and others win copyright rights over “Dununa reverse” song

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REGISTRAR of Copyrights in

Zambia has warned that it’s an

offence for anyone reproduce,

distribute and communicate to the

public or do nay act that

prejudices both the moral and

economic interest of the owner.

Responding to a formal complaint

by 5 artist over an infringement of

their intellectual and property

rights over the Dununa Reverse

Song, Acting Registrar of

Copyrights, Grace Kasungami,

stated that the artists could even

claim damages over the song.

She stated that the Copyright and

Performance Rights Act No 44 of

1994, protects the artist to be the

sole reproducer, distributors and

performer of their works.

Jordan Katembula(JK), Wilson

Lungu (Wille), Happy Kayombo

Machai (Kayombo), Felix Phiri

(Felix), and Martin Kapesha

(Shenke) complained to the

Copyright authority that their song

(Dununa Reverse) was being stolen

in part or whole and their right to

Copyrights and intellectual

property was breached by the


Some known artists have stolen

the Dununa song, rhythm and

words and twisted words into new


This complaint to the copyright

body has halted attempts to have

the unauthorised copies or

versions from being played on any


The artist have a right to pursue

the matter further to claim


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