Zambia: LAZ being misguided, says Kampyongo

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By: Bright Chikele. .

THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) is just a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) like any other and should avoid the temptation of promoting illegalities by supporting The Post Newspaper that has failed to settle its K53 million tax debts that it has accumulated over many years, Stephen Kampyongo has charged.

Mr Kampyongo, who is Local Government and Housing Minister, said LAZ under the leadership of Linda Kasonde risked losing relevance if it was going to continue casting aspersions on the country’s judicial system.

He said it was shocking that LAZ had elected to disregard the Supreme Court ruling by claiming that the Tax Appeals Tribunal could overrule the decision of the highest court in the land.

Mr Kampyongo stated that the current LAZ leadership was exhibiting partisan traits and was politicising The Post Newspaper indebtedness in a scheme meant to win public sympathy for the newspaper.

He advised that the new LAZ leadership should not away from its original mandate for which it was established and begin championing causes that had political inclinations

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