Zambia : Lungu’s challenge to HH on GBM

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President Lungu has challenged

UPND leader HH to justify why he

picked on GBM as running mate,

leaving his long time VP Dr

Canisius Banda.

The veiled argument President

Lungu is advancing is that HH is

not loyal to his Veep as Lungu is

to Veep Inonge Wina. On the

surface, both Lungu and HH are

siamese twins – they are scared of

the same failure or fear factor.

Lungu believes Inonge will deliver

Western Province, which has for a

long time, snubbed PF.

Same teason, HH believes he

desperately needed to appease the

Northeners to secure a heavier


Notwithstanding that, Dr Banda

single handedly helped clean up

the tribal tag off UPND and scored

47% poll victory from the previous

17%. So in that sense, still HH and

Dr Banda could still deliver. But,

choice of RM is entirely HH’s


Attempting to peak for HH, I gues

its several reasons. HH believes

GBM wields more political power

in the Northern circuit to help

guarantee him success, and he is

doible jilted not think of a loss on

11 August.

Secondly, I stand to be corrected,

GBM is helping fund the campaign


As for me, none of the above

reasons are a panacea to HH’s

victory. Even if HH picked me, if

his time to win had come, he still

could romp home to victory.

The only problem here is as much

as my dear friend, Lungu, wants

HH to justify why GBM is running

mate, I would have fallen for that

challenge if Lungu had justified

why he had pucked on ancients for

today’s leadership – ABC at

finance, Dr John Phiri at

Education, several Post eployees in

government, State House etc.

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