Zambia: Matero hospital completed and will be able to treat about 200,000 people per year

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MATERO is famously known as the

“City within a City” boasting of

numerous infrastructure that

includes the gigantic Heroes

stadium, the Olympic Youth

Development Centre (OYDC) and

the heavy industrial area which is

home to Zambian Breweries and

other major manufacturing


Matero constituency has a

population of over 300, 000 from

five wards (Muchinga, Lima,

Mwembeshi, Kapwepwe and

Matero) with over 170, 000 people

having registered to vote in this

years’ election.

One of the major campaign

promises by leading political

parties in this years’ election is

centred on quality and easily

accessible healthcare services.

Matero constituency has three

major health centres, Matero main

clinic, George clinic and Matero

Referral which have been catering

for the ever growing population of

Matero and have since proved to

be inadequate to offer quality

health care services.

In order to cater for this ever

growing population and that of

surrounding areas, the Government

in 2014 embarked on the

construction of the Matero and

Chilenje Level 1 hospitals which

have since been completed and

awaiting commissioning.

The two projects were embarked on

through a Japanese grant of

approximately K120 million.

The two projects were launched in

June 2014 at Matero Referal clinic

by Health Minister Dr Joseph


With a population of over two

million people in Lusaka, the only

tertiary hospitals are University

Teaching Hospital (UTH) and Levy

Mwanawasa Second Level hospital.

According to Ministry of Health

spokesperson Kamoto Mbewe, one

of the major challenges in the

delivery of healthcare services in

Lusaka has been the inadequacy of

primary and secondary health


“The health sector in Zambia has a

pyramid based structure, with the

provision of basic health services

in lower health facilities i.e health

posts and health centres, covering

a limited geographical area,

supported by the first, second and

third level referal hospitals,

through established referal

system,” Dr Mbewe explained.

He added that Lusaka district

currently lacks such a pyramid

based referal structure and in most

instances, patients that are

supposed to be attended to at a

level one hospital are directly

referred to a level three hospital,

thereby compromising the

continuum of care.

It is the realization of this problem

that Government has upgraded the

above health centres into first level


The move will also assist in

decongesting UTH and Levy

Mwanawasa Hospital. The

upgrading of the Lusaka clinics

will also enable UTH and Levy

Mwanawasa hospital to operate at

an optimal level and provide the

requisite care that is deserving of

every citizen.

Matero, which currently treats

about 77,000 people annually, will

have the capacity to treat

approximately 247,000 while

Chilenje which is currently treating

77,000 people will now be able to

treat 359,000 people.

Matero Level 1 hospital will have

an Out-Patient Department (OPD),

Administration Block, Maternity

Ward, Paediatric (Children’s ward),

Adult ward, and ancillary facilities.

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