Zambia: M’membe should man up and stop playing victim

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In the post 2011 Patriotic Front

election victory, many talked of a

Post Newspapers that had lost its

bite. The once deep digging tabloid

that had over the years crafted a

reputation of fearlessness found

itself resigned to regurgitating

government’s position on national

matters even more shamelessly

than government owned media.

Even on the constitution, a battle

they had long championed, The

Post Newspapers shamelessly

argued that it was no longer a

priority shocking many that had

embraced them in the trenches in

the struggle then for a constitution

adopted by the constituent

assembly. The Post had even

found favour among elements they

had long dismissed as criminal as

became their relationship with

Rajan Mahtani. They went

walkabout on their self destructive

path and expected no

consequences even when they had

thrown all the ethos of journalism

out the window. And once their

chief protector had died and their

scheme to install the loathed

Wynter Kabimba as president

failed, they went on rampage

savagely attacking anything that

threatened their position of

privilege that included not paying

taxes. And the only crime one

Edgar Chagwa Lungu ever

committed was to emerge as the

favoured one among his peers in

the ruling Patriotic Front tearing

M’membe’s script of succession

that had falls backs like Miles

Sampa, Dr Christine Kaseba after

Kabimba fell off the race in Sata’s

last days. Even M’membe’s last

minute appeals on Sata’s dying

bed at King Edward hospital in

London for the dying man to

acquiesce to his demands failed.

Fast forward, once Lungu had

taken the driver’s seat M’membe

set out on a vicious anti Lungu

campaign that has yet to subside.

Why M’membe expects Lungu to

be all charming in the midst of

incessant attacks still remains a

wonder. What has he not called

Lungu? Has he not called him a

drunk, thug, corrupt? What is

Lungu expected to do? On top of

that M’membe has been secretly

lobbying for a meeting with Lungu

while grandstanding in public as

standing on strong ground. What

does he expect Lungu to do? Roll

the red carpet and congratulate

him for years of dodging paying

tax! Has anyone not by now come

to the conclusion that not paying

for things is simply something

M’membe does not of habit? Who

does not know about Zambian

Airways? Have not his employees’

customary delayed salaries now

become a matter of public record?

So while he goes about whining

about being victimized, M’membe

should take a deep introspection

of himself. Has he not repeatedly

sung about, “those who seek

equity must come with clean

hands”? He may have had his

laugh when he celebrated the

election loss of Rupiah Banda that

his newspaper largely inflicted but

with Lungu he has to do more

than play victim. After all,

M’membe knows better than

anyone else that he has long lost

the public support that created the

monster that he became. No more

marches on the streets or the save

The Post campaign that he

enjoyed at the height of his powers

when he had been championing

genuine people causes like the rule

of law and labour matters. For now

M’membe should eat his own


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