ZAMBIA: My husband is starving me, complains wife

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A SEXUALLY starved Lusaka

housewife of Msisi Township

complained in the Chawama Local

Court that her husband has been

denying her conjugal rights for six


Ruth Nkhoma, 33, complained

before senior court magistrates

Ganston Kalala sitting with

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala

that her husband Charles Miti, 36,

of the same Township has not

been intimate with her for the past

six months because he claims he

was no longer sexually attractive.

This was in a case in which Ruth

sued Miti, 35, for marriage


Ruth got married to Miti in 2010

and the pair has two children even

bride price was paid.

“The problem your honour in our

marriage started when I fell

pregnant in 2011, my husband

started abusing by hulling insults

at me even in the presence of my


“I was advised by my friends that I

should try to seduce him your

‘honour’ perhaps he can again get

attracted to me by walking around

with my underwear and a bra but

still he failed to touch my body,”

she complained.

She added that Miti has been

telling her that she is a finish old

fashion lady whenever they have a

misunderstanding, a statement

that hurts her.

Ruth also told the court that Miti

once came home with stains on

his trousers and smelling women’s


“Your honour, my husband has

also a short temper. In June last

year, I asked him why he no longer

has sex appetite for me because I

also have feelings and I was

staving sexually. Strangely, he

started demeaning me that I have

small buttocks and that I stopped

impressing him. Surely, how can

that be the reason to punish me

this much,” Nkhoma wondered.

She further said that Miti has

started sleeping out of their

matrimonial home, a gimmick he

uses to avoid sleeping with her.

“I am just fade up living in a

‘Shipikisha life’ as if I am a

catholic Nun who can celibate for

the rest of their lives.

But , Miti alleged that his wife was

also in the habit of disclosing their

marital affairs to her close friends

adding that she lacks

understanding whenever I say I had

a rough time at work and that we

can’t have sex.

Passing judgement, the court

reconciled the couple and ordered

Miti to stop denying his wife her

conjugal rights.

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