Zambia: Observe lower speeds and don’t drink and drive, RATSA urges motorists

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THE Road Transport and Safety

Agency (RTSA) has called on all

motorists to observe lower speeds

and not to drink and drive, as

there will be Zero tolerance to

drinking and driving during the

four-day heroes and unity


RTSA head of public relations

Fredrick Mubanga in a statement

warned all road users against

lawlessness if the country is to

record Zero road crash deaths

during the four-day holidays.

He said RTSA Statistics has

revealed that road crashes are so

prominent during the weekends

and holidays.

“During the same period last year,

the country recorded 285 road

crashes where 29 people lost their

lives due to road crashes.

Research on the cause of accidents

conducted by the RTSA has

revealed that road crashes are

attributed to human error such as

over speeding, driving under the

influence of alcohol and non-

compliance to road traffic rules

and regulations by pedestrians,”

Mr Mubanga said.

He said RTSA has since put in

place specific interventions to

reverse the number of road crashes

during this period and beyond.

Mr Mubanga said the Agency has

scaled up high way traffic

enforcement patrols before and

during four-day Heroes and Unity

holidays to ensure that all road

users adhere to road traffic

regulations and prevent motorists

from causing road traffic


He said RTSA will jointly work with

the Zambia police traffic section so

as to increase visibility and traffic

enforcement on the highways on a

24 hours basis.

“The Agency has drawn up a

proactive and tentative

enforcement programme that will

go beyond the four-day holiday.

Traffic law enforcement officers

have been deployed along the high

ways across all the ten provinces,

“Mr Mubanga said.

He said the agency will equally set

up strategic spot checks for speed

management and screening of

drivers for drinking and driving.

Mr Mubanga said the Agency has

since implored all members of the

public to report motorist flouting

road traffic regulation by calling

the RTSA toll free line 983 or 4141

or call the Call Centre direct line

0211228798 or SMS or what’s app

to 0965429499.

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