Zambia: police in gun showdown with UPND cadres

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Zambia’s Politics and campaigns

yesterday descended to a

dangerous security level when

Police attempts to quell an illegal

Opposition match and Political

Rally was met with gunfire.

The exchange of fire between

Police and UPND cadres calling

themselves “Security” occurred

around Kamwala and Central

Business District near downtown.

One person, a woman caught up, in

the crossfire is reportedly dead.

When Police fired teargas, they

were for rhe first time, met with

rapid gunfire prompting the crowd

control unit to temporarily retreat

and then return forcefully.

The Police were then involved in

running gun battles with the

Opposition cadres with Lusaka

Kamwala area testing what

appeared to be a war.

Lusaka Central Business District

was disturbed and shops and

banks promptly shut down.

Later the “UPND Security” was

seen matching through Cairo road

to Church Road and finally to their

party office in Rhodespark.

Calm has since returned to Lusaka

and an official statement is yet to

be issued.

Police in conjunction with the

Electoral Commission of Zambia

(ECZ) advised that the Chawama

Rally be cancelled for fear of an

escalation of recent spate of


But the UPND ignored the police

order and proceeded to attempt to

hold the rally despite the


Zambia goes to the Polls in a few

weeks time on August 11th 2016.

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