ZAMBIA: Political vices in Zambia ahead of August 11,elections

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By Bright Chikele

Guy Scott and his fellow political refugees from PF are not helping HH because they have no political muscle whatsoever.

If Guy Scott had a political muscle, they would not have run away from the little known, Chakolwa and weak Edgar (as they describe him). They would have stayed and kicked out Edgar instead.

By the way, who looks forward to hearing Guy Scott speak at a rally? HH should ask himself that question.

Anyway, I miss people like Jack Mwiimbu and other indigenous UPND members not these opportunists HH has given political asylum in the hope of getting votes from people.

Anyway, politics teyabana iyoo.Kambwili is indeed the Sata of today. The man attracts people wherever he goes. I have just confirmed that Kasama was up in political flames by the Kambwili fever.

I think this man deserves another doctorate, he is a political heavyweight.

Sata managed to get the 2011 elections because his team was powerful.

Imagine if GBM and Kambwili would be on the same side today, supporting one candidate, even if that candidate was me, I would win because they are political heavyweights. And that is what made Sata win.

But HH doesn’t have what Sata had, a powerful team to deliver this election to him and send ECL packing.

Luckily, ECL has Mumbi Phiri who is vibrant and can’t be compared to Sylvia Masebo.

Mumbi Phiri is really a bomb and she is doing it for Edgar.

I am told Mpika was on fire by this woman, whom people from there have described as sensible in what she said


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