Zambia: President Edgar Lungu within reach of cheap energy

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By Bright Chikele

DURING his recent press

conference at State House,

President Edgar Lungu said the

various interventions his

government had put in place in

order to reduce the power deficit in

Zambia would soon yield positive

results and push the prices of

power down in the southern African


The head of state re-stated that

under his leadership, up to

$4billion had been pumped into

the energy sector in order to

increase power generation and

narrow the deficit.

President Lungu said new FDI or

foreign direct investment could

also mean cheaper power as the

sector diversifies on his watch for

the first time in over 40 years.

Today, the influential business

news agency Bloomberg confirms

President Lungu’s ‘promise’

exactly a month on target as the

Zambian leaders knack for walking

the walk and talking the talk

reaches a crescendo ahead of the

11th August polls where he seeks


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