Zambia rescues four girls trafficked from Malawi

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Immigration officers

in Zambia have reportedly

rescued four Malawian girls

believed to have been

trafficked into that country.

The girls, who were picked up at

the Kenneth Kaunda

International Airport, were

believed to have been set to

travel abroad when operatives

made contact with them.

Mchinji border spokesperson

Andida Mando said that a

suspected abductor supplied

operatives with contradictory

statements during his


While claiming that the girls

had been brought into the

country to attend a funeral,

the alleged abductor later

changed his story, instead

stating that he was

performing as an agent who

was helping the girls obtain

jobs in Kuwait.

The girls had since been sent

back to Malawi, while the

suspect was set to be handed

over to Malawian authorities

for further questioning.

According to the US

Department of State, Zambia

functioned as a source,

transit and destination

country for those subjected to

forced labour and sex

trafficking, with Zambia being

unable to report the number

of victims identified and


Despite being criticised for a

lack of reform regarding

human trafficking, the

government of Zambia

claimed it remaind committed

to rooting out trafficking

through Anti-Human

Trafficking Act No. 11 of

2018,Daily mail reports

Under the Act, provision was

made for the prohibition,

prevention and prosecution of

human trafficking, while

establishing centres for the

rehabilitation for victims.

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