Zambia: Robert Mugabe; If You Steal People’s Victory, You Steal From Your Life.

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President Edgar Lungu was on Tuesday inaugurated as Republican President at a Colourful Ceremony that took place at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka.

Speaking during the Inauguration Ceremony of President Edgar Lungu today at heroes stadium, the Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said any leader who will steal people’s victory is robbing his or her own life.

There is no where in the country or world where someone will rob people’s victory and live long.

” I know that President Lungu’s victory is the people’s victory. It is your victory but there is no were in the country were someone will robe people’s victory, they are stealing from their own life” said Mugabe.

There was a disappointing moment during the inauguration when President Edgar Lungu’s two doves failed to fly after being thrown out.

The second Dove flipped off Lungu’s shaking hands and dropped it as he was about to let it off to fly. Later on he let it it go but didn’t fly far as it came back nearby.

When the first dove was flown by Edgar Lungu it did no go anywhere but sat near his legs and it forced him to throw it for the second time.

The inauguration was described “illegal” by the opposition parties especially from the side of his rival Hakainde Hichilema who said the elections were not free and fair.

The UPND leader wrote a petition to cancel the inauguration but the court in Zambia threw it away citing that the time of appeal was over.


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