ZAMBIA: Suspect’ s house burnt

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Police in Mufulira have arrested 14 people for allergedly burning three houses belonging to a 39-year old woman suspected to be behind the death of a taxi driver.

Copperbelt commissioner of police Charity Katanga said in an interview in kitwe yesterday that the incident happened after Pelcrecious Mumba of Zimba township was picked up by the anti-robbery squad for questioning in connection with the death of a taxi driver who was murdered by unknown people who stole his Toyota Corolla.

Ms Katanga said the incident happened on Friday around 09:00hours and Ms Mumba’s three houses were maliciously damaged.

“I can confirm that three houses were set on fire after word went round in Zimba township that Ms Mumba was picked by the anti-robbery squad in connection with allergations leading to the death of a taxi driver, the residents started burning and damaged the houses,” Ms Katanga said.

She said the fire brigade managed to put out the fire. images

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