Zambia: The fight for freedom is very much alive

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13237750_1703319993257287_1438600923144281265_nUnited Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema said that

today  as we remember with pride and

gratitude the great sacrifice of

those who fought bravely for our

political freedoms in the past.

Destructive, violent and

persecutory actions now threaten

this most precious of inheritances.

The fight for freedom is still very

much alive and we cannot afford to

be complacent.

The current environment of

intimidation and provocation,

which has seen our campaign

materials violently torn to pieces,

does not look like freedom,

irrespective of your political

affiliation. The arrest of opposition

political leaders for long periods

before establishing the charges

and receiving the complainants is

not freedom. Meanwhile, PF

supporters and officers caught on

camera committing criminal acts

remain unpursued. Furthermore,

pressure on state broadcasters,

attacks on journalists, cancelled

opposition media appearances and

heavy handed application of the

colonial Public Order Act all mean

that today in Zambia freedom of

expression is under threat. This is

not the vision the Organisation of

African Unity (OAU); now African

Union (AU) had in mind when it

was created on this very day.

In addition to this, we as UPND are

asking what is political freedom

without economic freedom? With

political freedom you can vote

once every five years but without

jobs and access to training and

business opportunities, as well as

basic healthcare, clean water and

sanitation the majority will remain

impoverished. This is why the

UPND’s 10 Point Plan is focused

on delivering economic liberation

for all Zambians.

Our Plan to fix it includes a focus

on good governance because we

understand that good governance,

including the protection of human

rights and observance of the rule

of law, is the foundation for all

social and economic development

and progress. Let us vote for real

freedom on 11th August 2016.

Have a blessed Africa Freedom


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