Zambia: There’ll be no future after elections if Zambians keep fighting – The Police

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THE EASTERN Province police commissioner Alex Chilufya says there will be no future after next month’s elections if Zambians continue fighting because of political differences.

And East Zambia Field president for the Seventh Day Adventist Church Dr John Shuma says Zambians should nurture the peace that the country is renowned for.

Speaking during the interparty anti-violence campaign at the Chipata Golf Club on Friday, Chilufya said police would continue promoting peace among the people.

“If we continue fighting like this, I can assure you there will be no future after 11th August,” Chilufya warned.

“I want to remind each one of us that first and foremost, we are the only people that can create peace for ourselves. Us as police, myself and the men and women in uniform here, can only add to what yourselves will do to create peace amongst yourselves, so we are witnesses of your own peace. I don’t want to see a situation where I come to you to only pick you up, grab you and throw you in jail, no, that shouldn’t be my role. My role is to witness the peace and the love amongst yourselves.”

He said political parties were like children coming from one womb.

“You can come from the same womb but not all of you can be so intelligent that you can go to the university; others will be light while others can be dark but they come from the same womb. This is how you are. Eastern Province has shown the country that we can do better and let’s continue. Let’s be an example, let’s lead, let’s show others so that they can emulate us,” said Chilufya.

And Dr Shumba said people should know that if they do not maintain peace, they might end up becoming refugees in neighbouring countries.

“We should not take the peace we have for granted. We should rather nurture, embrace and promote peace so that none of us may get harmed or destroyed. In any extreme violent situation, there are only two options, either you kill somebody or you are killed hence those of us who advocate for violence may end up being killed or will end up killing. All those are illegal issues with implications to all of us,” said Dr Shumba.

Youths from various political parties marched together from Shoprite via Kapata Market, through Down Town shops up to the Golf Course where speeches were given.

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