Zambia: UPND Leaders have been paying us to remove PF posters

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Police in Lusaka have arrested

UPND criminal for vandalising

Patriotic Front bill boards.

Meanwhile another guard is

nursing serious injuries in UTH

after confronting some UPND

criminals who where vandalising

PF bill boards.

The criminals who where allegedly

paid by some UPND officials to

tear down PF bill boards on Great

East road where caught in Munali

by an alert guard around 02:00hrs.

The guard only armed with a shot

button bravely confronted the

criminals who had machetes and

knives to aid them in their criminal

operations bravely effected a

citizen arrest.

After some struggles the brave

guard managed to apprehend

Wiseman Mainza of Kanyama

whilest three others ran away.

The criminal was then dragged to

the police station and is in police

custody waiting to be charged.

President Edgar Lungu on

Saturday ordered police to ensure

that campaigns be peaceful, he

also urge opposition leaders to

take the reigns and ensure that

their supporters abscond from


President Lungu has also been

preaching a message of political

tolerance among political parties.

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