Zambia: UPND plans to disrupt polls, create apathy

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THE United Party for National

Development (UPND) has mooted a

plan dubbed ‘Operation Fear’ to

cause fear among Zambians both

during and after elections should

the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) win

the August 11 elections.

Highly-placed sources have

exposed the plot which details

‘Operation Fear’ activities that

include plans to cause nationwide

confusion through violence to

instill fear among Zambians for

them to shun voting on the

election day.

The ‘Operation Fear’ has seen

UPND train and arm a group of

cadres who will be used to scare

voters from voting and cause

confusion in the country and

declare the elections, that the

party knows President Edgar

Lungu will win, null and void so

that UPND and the PF can form a

coalition government.

The UPND has lined up acts of

violence from Tuesday August, 9 to

Tuesday August 16.

The violent activities will be more

intense in Southern Province where

UPND will harass anyone voting

for the PF or any other political


In other provinces, especially PF

strongholds, the plan is to cause

so much fear that few people

would be willing to go and vote,

thereby depriving the ruling Party

of the required votes.

It would create voter apathy

among the people while forcing

every voter in the south to vote for

the UPND.

Though exposed now, the plan was

mooted a long time ago and some

activities had already been

effected, a classic example being

the wearing of military regalia by

UPND members and the recent

discovery of petrol bombs and an

assortment of arms by Police that

raided the home of former Kasama

Central Member of Parliament and

UPND Vice President, Geoffrey

Mwamba’s house in Kasama.

The parading of cadres in police

uniforms was also part of the plan

to show that there was division in

the security wing.

However, the police command had

refuted such claims and was

currently investigating the fake

POST Newspaper pictures.

The plan is reminiscent of the

infamous Mapatizya Formula

which was declared by the UPND

in 2010 and was coined under the

leadership of party leader Hakainde


The war that was directed against

the MMD saw the UPND organise a

‘militia’ that attacked government

vehicles, impounded food supply

convoys, held meetings without

permits and harassed Government

ministers and caused wanton

mayhem against the MMD camp.

The series of violence recorded

during elections in Mufumbwe were

well documented and the UPND

was roundly condemned since

many people were killed and

several others injured in clashes

orchestrated by the opposition


Already, the UPND have started

harassing Electoral Commission of

Zambia (ECZ) drivers passing

through Southern Province on mere

suspicion that their trucks were

carrying ballot papers meant for


Recently, PF Youth Chairperson

Stephen Kampyongo raised serious

concerns about the dangerous

behaviour of UPND, which was

seriously compromising national


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