Zambia: we will suspend all political party campaigns if violence continues, says ECZ

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THE Electoral Commission of

Zambia (ECZ) has sounded a stern

warning to political parties that it

would close the campaign period

before the stated date if parties

involved failed to restrain their

cadres from engaging in violent


ECZ public relations manager Cris

Akufuna has told Mwebantu that

the Commission under Section 28

of Electoral Process Act no 35 of

2016 had powers to suspend all

political party campaigns if

political parties continued to

engage in political violence.

Mr. Akufuna added that Section

110 of Electoral Process Act

empowered the Commission

powers to disqualify a political

party or candidate in breach of the

electoral code of conduct.

Mr Akufuna stated that it is the

duty of all political parties

participating in the August 11th

elections to ensure that their

candidates, cadres and supporters

abide by the electoral code of


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