Zambia: wife divorces hubby over his “excessive and insatiable” desire for sex

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A LUSAKA housewife has begged

the Chawama local court to

dissolve her marriage of two years

because she cannot handle her

husband’s excessive sexual


Pauleen Likezo, 29, of Kamwala

Township sued her husband Isaac

Mwando, 37 of the same area for


The couple have been married for

two years and together they no

children. Bride price was not paid.

The couple has been on separation

for three weeks.

Pauleen told the court that

problems in their marriage started

on May 13, 2016 when she was on

her mensural period and denied

Isaac sex.

“My husband wanted to continue

demanding sex despite him

knowing that I was ‘ku mwezi’, I

have been telling him that these

are dangerous days for me to have

sex because I can easily fall

pregnant and I also advised him to

wait a little longer; but he would

start accusing me that I am a

prostitute and throw all sorts of

insults on me,” she told the court.

She accused Isaac of being

stubborn and authoritarian man

who sometimes turns violent.She

said that her husband was also in

the habit of sleeping out of their

matrimonial house whenever he

gets paid at the month end.

However, Isaac told the court that

Pauleen forced him to start using

sexual boosters “Mutototo” in

order to stimulate his sexual


“Imagine, she would put these

sexual boosters in my tea and

sometimes in my food before going

to bed… but when my feelings

become uncontrollable, she would

refuse to have sex with me,” he


Isaac who agreed to his wife’s plea

for divorce, told the court to go

ahead and dissolve their marriage

adding that he felt unloved and he

was tired being denied his own

conjugal right.

Passing judgment, Magistrate

Ganston Kalala sitting with

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala

upheld claim for divorce.13407087_987462201373875_8732477221302932424_n

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