Zambia: wife pleads for divorce over husband’s weird sexual acts

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A HOUSE wife of Lusaka’s

Chawama Township has begged

the Chawama Local Court to

dissolve her marriage of five years

because her husband forces her to

perform weird sex acts.

Bertha Mwale, 39, claimed that her

husband Alex Banda, 42, force her

to perform sexual acts which she

described as unnatural.

Bertha an entrepreneur told the

court that she got married to

Banda, a plumber in 2011 and that

bride price was paid. The couple

has two children together.

“My husband your honour does not

value my pride as a woman, he is

just a selfish man who only cares

just to fulfil his sexual desires

that’s all,” she said.

“Last month he told me that we

should advance our sexual

pleasures by watching

pornography movies, I told him

that these materials erodes one’s

moral reasoning, but he

immediately got angrily and

threatened to thrown me out of the

house if I don’t accept his orders.

“He has been telling me that

marriages nowadays have been

modified, and at one point he tried

to force me so that I suck his

manhood but I refused. I just don’t

understand what evil has entered

him,” she said.

Bertha told the court that on

several occasions, her husband

had threatened to leave her and

the children whenever they have a


She added that Banda was a cruel

and selfish man who only enjoys

drinking beer and demanding sex.

Bertha pleaded with the court to

go ahead and grant divorce, saying

that she was fed up staying with

aggressive man.

In his defense, Banda pleaded with

his wife to forgive him. “I know

that I have been a selfish man;

please for forgive me”, he said.He

also begged the court not to

dissolve their marriage.

Passing judgment, Magistrate

Ganston Kalala sitting with

Magistrate Mubukwanu Matakala

upheld the claim for divorce and

ordered Alex Banda to compensate

Bertha with K8, 000 with an initial

installment of K500 followed by

K250 monthly instalments effective

July month end.

Banda was also ordered to pay

K250 as child maintenance the

children who will be in Berta’s


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