zambia:”I found my husband having sex with our maid on our matrimonial bed”, wife tells court

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A 37-YEAR-OLD woman narrated

in the Chawama Local Court how

she caught her husband having

sex with the maid on her

matrimonial bed.

This is in a case in which Beauty

Bwalya of Kamwala South sued her

husband, Kenny Mufalo, 41, for

divorce. Bride price was not paid.

Beauty told the court that on June

11, 2016 she caught her husband

having sex with their maid.

She said for some time they have

not had peace in their matrimonial

house adding that she was no

longer interested in her husband.

But Mufalo who looked perplexed

told the court that he still loved

his wife and alleged that he was

seduced by the maid whilst his

wife was at work.

The couple got married in 2007

and together has two children.

Beauty said , “problems in our

marriage started three months

after our honey moon phase was

over when Mufalo would go out for

many hours”

She said in 2010 Mufalo deserted

her after she lost employment

without caring about the welfare of

his children.

Beauty said that she was fade up

living with a promiscuous man

who only loved her because of


“I don’t even see the point living

with a lazy man who only depends

on my pockets for everything. I

have tried to help him get a job

but he has been turning down

several offers I just don’t know

what he wants,” she told the court.

But in his defence, Mufalo told the

court that his wife was in the habit

of chasing him out of the house

whenever they have a

misunderstanding simply because

he does not have a job.

He begged for forgiveness from his

wife, saying he would not manage

to live without her.

Passing judgment, Magistrate

Gaston Kalala granted divorced

without compensation and gave

the custody of children to Beauty

and ordered Mufalo to be paying

monthly children maintenance of


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