Zambian Court Commands A Husband To Stop Using Sexual Booster On His Wife

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A 29 year old woman of Lusaka has told the Chawama Local Court that she is exhausted on being managed like a creature in bed by her long time spouse who uses sexual supporter populary known as ”Mwana Apeluke”, sexual promoters remembering the finished objective to satisfy his sexual longings.

Martha Kunda, of Kabwata nearby area sued Eric Kansambo, 35, a truck driver of Chilenje district for marriage trade off. The pair got hitched in 2009 and together they have two children. Woman of great importance expense was paid.

Kunda told the court that issues in their marriage started on January 12, 2014 when Kansambo found an occupation as a truck driver at Choombe motors.

“The test we have your honor in our marriage is that my significant other has developed this affinity for bringing an extensive variety of these standard sexual herbs supports, for instance, ‘mutototo set apart as ‘Mwana Apeluke‘ and solicitations for weird sex, ” she said.

She told the court that Kansambo has been undermining to desert his wedding home if she ever dispirits him from using sexual supporters.

She moreover told the court that her husband has stopped giving the welfare of his family including that he was in like manner in the inclination for resting out of their conjugal home.

“Last time I masterminded Lunch for him yet rather he declined to eat the sustenance I orchestrated him and for no good reason, he started beating me with a sweeper stick right in my tuned in” She said.

Regardless, she told the court that paying little respect to seniors examining the fate of their marriage, Kansambo has not changed.

Regardless, with all due appreciation, Kansambo denied using sexual supporters and ensuring that Kunda was telling misrepresentations.

“The sexual promoters she is examining had a spot with my buddy Kelvin; he asked me to buy him those stuffs,” he ensured.

Censuring, Senior Court Magistrate Gaston Kalala suited the couple. He moreover cautioned Kasambo to instantly stop using sexual supporters, saying it will obliterate their marriage.



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