Zambian Poachers Shot Dead In Zimbabwe

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Two suspected poachers from Zambia were shot dead by Harare-state game rangers in northern  Zimbabwe this weekend.

“A group of 10 rangers crossed the Zambezi river in the full noon and were making their way inland to poach elephants when they ran into a patrol of rangers from Zimbabwe’s state parks and wildlife management authority on Saturday.” The Bhejane Trust said.

“After shots were fired, an armed poacher with an AK-47 riffle was killed and another member of the gang believed to be a Porter. The other 8 man managed to escape.” The trust said in an update.

The gang was carrying 100kg of maize meal and weapons meaning they were planning to stay long.

Poaching activity is often done when the moon is full because it is easier to see animals.

Press reports that at least six Zambnian poachers have been shot dead in Zimbabwe since the beginning of the year and the Zambia’s deputy tourism minister has claimed that the Chinese ivory trafficking syndicates are responsible for sending poachers in Zimbabwe.

“I wonder just how long it will take the Zambian authorities to act to prevent more deaths and start tackling the syndicates operating from their soil.” The Bumi Hills Anti-poaching unit from shores of Kariba said on Sunday.

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