Zambians want to kick Lungu out of office because they have discovered that he is a crook, says HH

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Zambians want to kick PF out because they have discovered that…lungu is a crook – HH

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema yesterday laughed at President Edgar Lungu’s fear of being kicked out of employment.

On Wednesday, President Lungu told chief Shakumbila that he reads “the script” when he wakes up and wondered why people want to kick him out of employment.

“Your Royal Highness, if what has already been done in 50 years can be done in five years and we are doing it, why do you want to kick me out of employment? Because I hear things when I wake up, I read the script and say ‘am I reading the right script?’ But I ask myself because I was on probation, now I have finished my probation, I am supposed to be confirmed but then I should go back? Ah…” said President Lungu.

But in an interview before he departed for his campaign tour of Eastern Province, Hichilema said it was laughable that President Lungu wanted to be retained so that he feeds Zambians with more lies for another five years.

“This is laughable,” said Hichilema in reference to the lead story in yesterday’s edition of The Post. “This is a guy who has failed the economy, he has killed the mines, he has killed education, he has killed the health sector, he has plunged the country into a debt trap. This is a guy who has caused all this misery, hunger, among Zambians. This is a guy who is behind all this violence and bloodshed we are seeing in the country every day. And he is asking, ‘why do you want to kick me out of employment?’,” Hichilema said while chuckling.

“Well, since he hasn’t been out there to ask the Zambian people, I can tell him what the Zambian people are saying. I have been on the Copperbelt, I have been to Northern Province, I have been to Muchinga, and everywhere I go, the people of Ndola, Kitwe, Kasama, Mpika, even Shiwang’andu are saying ‘we don’t want Lungu because he has cheated us, he is crooked, he is keeping us hungry’. They are saying ‘twalafwa kunsala, Hakainde isa utupusushe’. That’s what the Zambian people are saying. That’s why they want to kick him out of employment.”13428353_999975453453813_8474678049364802069_n

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