ZAMBIA:Proflight thrills children with conservation trip

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EXCITED children from Luangwa

District flew with Proflight Zambia

to the Lower Zambezi on Friday

(May 20) to learn about wildlife

and the importance of conserving

the environment for future


The country’s leading scheduled

airline enabled 24 children and

four teachers from various

government schools in Luangwa to

undertake a three-day wildlife and

environmental conservation

education programme given by

Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ)

being conducted over the weekend.

Besa Kaoma Environmental

Education Manager for CLZ

explained that during three days,

the children would learn how to

preserve wildlife, the environment

and the natural resources that

surround them while also going

into the national park on game

drives and boat cruises.

“Proflight provided three aircraft to

pick up the children and the

teachers from Feira airstrip in

Luangwa to reach their destination

in the Lower Zambezi. The trip that

could have lasted more than 14

hours of travelling, only tok 30

minutes, hence we as CLZ are

happy and proud to give a huge

thanks to Proflight and the pilots

for flying the kids safely again this

year to Lower Zambezi as they

also did last year by sponsoring

the return trip,” said Mr Kaoma.

The children need to be

responsible while they are still in

school, as they are the custodians

of their natural resources and

wildlife, he added.

“Proflight understands the close

synergy between wildlife,

conservation, education, and

tourism,” said Proflight Director of

Government and Industry Affairs

Capt. Philip Lemba. “As an airline

we care passionately about the

conservation of our natural

resources, and the importance of

imparting that passion to the

younger generation; flying with

Proflight was a thrill they will

never forget, and hopefully it will

instil that passion in them.”

The support being showed by

Proflight has increased,

encouraged and motivated a lot of

schools in Luangwa to participate

in educating their pupils through

setting up Conservation Clubs,

explained Lweendo Sindaza, a

teacher at Katondwe Primary


The schools taking Part were

Luangwa Primary, Luangwa Feira,

Mwavi Primary, Katondwe Primary,

Mankhokwe Primary, Janeiro

Primary and Kaunga Secondary


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